No excuses – Bootstrap from Twitter

Passed on to me from the lovely Peter McKenna at Swrve in response to a ghostwritten iQ blog called Mobile Thursdays: Design patterns a-go-go.

This is a really well executed framework from the team at Twitter, of lightweight HTML, CSS and Javascript built on a 12 column responsive grid (fixed and liquid) available to use for free. There are lots of JS plugins available for you to create dropdowns, popovers, carousels and many more.

You can customise and extend the framework with LESS a powerful lightweight dynamic style sheet language. This allows you to set variables or to perform operations within your code to get uber creative with what you can do or to simply save on repetition and bloated CSS. You can read more about it here and here on Smashing Magazine

The brilliant thing with Bootstrap is that you only take the CSS and JS components that you need. You can also add in lots of custom variables also. Then you just download from a really straightforward interface and go to work on your own masterpiece.

Ask your developer have they seen this the next time they produce a dogs dinner that barely works in Firefox… Check out some beautifully crafted sites here :

As they say in the footer of the bootstrap site “Designed and built with all the love in the world @twitter by @mdo and @fat.” I believe them…